Paseo Pointe teacher Ren Fahey received a $715 grant to provide personal libraries for his classroom.

The grant provided 30 copies of the following books: The Outsiders, The Giver, Hatchet, and Among the Hidden, as well as a DVD of The Giver and A Cry in the Wild.

Fahey’s literary project is designed with an eye toward creating multiple student and parent engagement outcomes. Students will participate each quarter in a literary and genre study. Each student will receive one book per quarter. Since the books are theirs to keep, they will be able to highlight passages, add comments, and bring the books home to share with their parents.

They will then create projects to reflect how well they understood the novel study. Students will present their projects to classmates either digitally or with poster boards at the end of each quarter and, as a class, will watch the movie that accompanies the book.