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Staff Contacts

Paseo Pointe staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/Area   Room Ext Email Address
Principal Jonathan Rohloff  Office 3800
Asst. Prin. Paty González Sotelo  Office 3800
Secretary Vanessa Loza Office 3801
Receptionist Marissa Gutierrez Office 3803
Attendance Gail De Santos Office 3800
Instructional Coach Lisa Bernstein Office 3800
Instructional Coach Denise Garcia- Diaz Office 3817
Health Assoc. Shari Reed B103 3806
Psychologist Corey Nicholson Office 3807
Counselor Kendra Stowe-Ofili Office 3815
School Resource Officer Officer Esquivel B113 3808
Pre-K Martha Avendano B143 3826
Pre-K Imelda Orozco B141 3827
Kindergarten (DLI-Spa) Sarah Quintero B128 3830
Kindergarten (DLI) Socorro Acosta B133 3826
Kindergarten (DLI-Eng) Susana Trujillo B135 3832
Kindergarten (DLI-Spa) Sonia Renteria B137 3833
Kindergarten (DLI-Eng) Stephanie Hillis B130 3831
1st Grade (DLI-Spa) Amy Gerchick B150 3838
1st Grade (DLI-Spa) Elizabeth Banderas B148 3836
1st Grade (DLI-Eng) Jenny Magyar B147 3835
1st Grade (DLI-Eng) Anik Cole B149 3837
1st Grade (DLI) Taniamaria Valles B159 3876
2nd Grade (DLI) Jazmin Pedroza B161 3890
2nd Grade (Spa) Anahi Bermudez B165 3840
2nd Grade (Eng) Maribel Guerrero B166 3841
2nd Grade (Spa) Michelle Gonzalez B168 3843
2nd Grade (Eng) Briza Gutierrez B167 3842
3rd Grade (ENG) Sheri Givens B169 3845
3rd Grade (DLI) Lindsay Delgado B218 3855
3rd Grade (Spa) Mitchelle Dominguez B171 3847
3rd Grade (Spa) Yadeli Corella B170 3846
3rd Grade (ENG) Natalie Cheang B172 3848
4th Grade (ENG) Tyra Bonjorno B210 3851
4th Grade (ENG) Julia Schuerle B213 3852
4th Grade (SPA) Isys Leon B214 3853
5th Grade (ENG) Amanda Moore  B225 3872
5th Grade (SPA) Ruby Angulo B226 3861
5th Grade (SPA) Mariana Hurtado B224 3858
6th Grade-SLA Minerva Castillo B245 3862
6th Grade-SS Alan Borja  B243 3869
6th Grade -Sci Eddie Escobar Flores B246 3860
6th Grade-Math Santos Herrera B244 3870
MS Math Kristina Schaffler B240 3874
MS SCI Cassandra Tejeda B228 3870
MS ELA Sarah McDonough B234 3871
MS Math Eric Woods B239 3873
MS English Language Arts Thalia Lehmann B235 3872
MS Math Kristina Schaffler B235 3863
MS SS Sasha Ochoa B241 3875
MS SLA Juliet Lugo B242 3876
Librarian Vickie Ward B204 3809
Music Leslie Fields A134 3885
Art Baylee Thomas  B154 3881
Band Michelle Phillips A133 3886
P. E. Tina Harwell A127 3887
P. E. Jeremy Roberts A127 3887
TECH Brittany Gage  B151 3883
Gifted Allie Zuckerman  B234 3813
Resource Jessica Fatina  B239 3823
Resource Kristi Rogers B239 3824
Resource Mary Mayne B132 3874
Resource Breezy Figueroa B225 3860